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The democratisation of digital health in rural Bangladesh

Around 20% of the people in Bangladesh were already living under the poverty line in 2019 and it is estimated around 17.5 to 20 million people have become newly poor in the country due to the on-going pandemic. Already struggling to make ends meet with insufficient income, quality healthcare is therefore, often viewed as a luxury by many. Thus, health financing is a crucial aspect in ensuring the reach of quality healthcare services to the rural and poor people.
The ‘Free Health Cashback’ feature of Digital Healthcare Solutions (DH) enables various marginalised and people living under or close to the poverty line to access quality healthcare services with minimal cost. People can apply for cash against the Free Health Cashback using the Digital Hospital App or website through this feature. They simply need to upload images of relevant documents such as medical tests, treatment, prescriptions, etc., and get cash against expenditures (such as diagnostic tests, COVID-19 isolation, maternity costs, hospitalization) in their mobile wallet within a certain period.
The sudden onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic has reversed the country’s steady poverty reduction trend, which took place for over two decades due to various government initiatives. Furthermore, a significant loss of jobs and livelihoods had also led to large effects on food security as per the Bangladesh Development Update by World Bank. Therefore, access to quality healthcare has become quite difficult, in some cases luxury for the existing and newly poor people who are already struggling with other necessities like food.
Even before the pandemic, given the large population and limited healthcare infrastructure, and high costs in the private sector, access to quality healthcare services was ...


A Mission to Digitise Your Affordable Healthcare Journey

150,000 RMG Workers and Slum-Dwellers of Dhaka, Gazipur, Narayanganj & Narsingdi will Get Free Consultations from Digital Healthcare Solutions, USAID and Save the Children

One Million Digital Hospital Doctor Consultation Minutes Free with Lifebuoy Soap

11 New Digital Women’s Health Centres Launched by Digital Healthcare Solutions and Shakti Foundation. Innovation Brings Quality Maternal and Child Care to the Heart of Communities

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Digital Healthcare Solutions Joins Hands with BD Finance to Provide Unlimited Doctor Consultations & up to Tk. 40,000 in Health Cashback

Digital Healthcare Solutions (DH) is an all-in-one comprehensive healthcare solution company providing healthcare services (such as Doctor Chat, Video Call, Call and Health Cashback) through app/website using mobile phones. On 19th Octobe ...

After 8,000 Free COVID-19 Tests Digital Healthcare Solutions (DH) Successfully Hands Over its One-Stop Digital COVID-19 Test Booth to DGHS

Digital Healthcare Solutions (DH) along with the Institute for Developing Science and Health Initiatives (ideSHi) and Mugda Medical College Hospital (MuMCH) had jointly launched the country’s first one-stop digital booth for COVID-19 scre ...

Digital Healthcare Solutions Launches ‘Digital Hospital’

In making healthcare efficient and more easily accessible, Digital Healthcare Solutions has launched Digital Hospital, a new App and digital health service where patients can get quality healthcare through comprehensive digital health members ...

IEDCR Expands its COVID-19 Hotline Service with DH

Digital Healthcare Solutions will support IEDCR handling the COVID-19 Hotline to strengthen COVID-19 containment activity of the Government of Bangladesh. In order to battle the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping thro ...

DH stands by 72,000 Disadvantaged Families in Khulna & Barisal

Amra Nishchinto, a campaign by Digital Health Care Solutions (DH), in collaboration with UK Aid and under the supervision of Concern Worldwide has already catered to 72,000 households and over 220,000 patients. ...