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Digital Healthcare Solutions Partners with Elite Force

Digital Healthcare Solutions(DH), an innovative digital healthcare provider based in Bangladesh, has recently signed a partnership agreement with Elite Forces to offer access to quality digital healthcare services for its 13,500 guards through its social brand, Digital Hospital.

The deal was signed last week by Brig. Gen. Sharif Aziz- Managing Director, Sharif Shaham- Director, Sharif Sene Shembil- Director, Mokammel Hasan- Head of HR from Elite Forces and Firoz Ahmed Khan- Director of Finance & Operations, Mohammad Mobydur Rahman- Head of B2B, Partnership, Projects & Loyalty, Parvez Ahmad- Lead Manager, B2B from Digital Healthcare Solutions.

Elite Force, a leader in the security industry for over a decade, caters to a large base of clientele all over the country. With a such massive responsibility of providing security for a diverse group of clients, the health of the security guards of Elite Force is of utmost importance. Digital Healthcare Solutions, therefore, in order to ensure the health of these guards will be providing them with Doctor Call through the Shasroy package. Security guards of Elite Force can now access quality healthcare services anytime they need without worrying about the financial burden.

Andrew Smith, CCO of DH says, “Security guards provide an important service in society – keeping people and property safe and secure. It’s a job that can be difficult, and guards are in need of healthcare support. Elite Force is the leader in Bangladesh security industry, protecting more clients, and rolling out digital security initiatives - so DH are proud to partner with Elite on digital health, and help provide health support and protection to their guards”

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