“Health For All“ and Digital Healthcare

At Digital Healthcare Solutions, we:

  • Meet real needs. We focus on meeting the biggest needs in healthcare, creating great patient and user experiences to solve them.
  • Deliver social business. Our owner, Grameen, were a pioneer on opening up quality loans and banking for all, to serve society – while never extracting dividends for shareholders. We look forward to doing the same for healthcare.
  • Achieve clinical quality. We design our services using strong international standards and clinical protocols, but adapt to serve emerging markets in healthcare. We train our doctors in empathy, warmth – because a human touch is the key to great experiences.

Co-founder and CEO

Sajid Rahman

Emerging markets specialist with 25+ years of experience leading cross-cultural teams across Africa and Asia. Angel investor and accelerator contributor - from Silicon Valley to high growth markets.

Doctors- wherever, whenever

  • Medical advice, anywhere a patient wants- Call, Chat, Video Call
  • International Clinical Standards, for everyone
  • Empathy, warmth & human touch, every time

Integrated Healthcare

  • Digital Tools, Community Health Workers, & Micro Clinics as the ‘New Front Door’
  • Portable Health Passport, empowering the patients
  • Hospitals & Specialists that focus on Holistic Care, Disease, Prevention & Management

Data Driven Healthcare

  • Integration of Online Medical Records, Tools for Community Health Workers & Consumer Health Apps
  • Predictive Proactive Support to manage Diabetes, Heart Disease, or a Healthy Heart
  • Mapping Population Health Opportunities, Challenges & Solutions